PVC profiles for the construction industry

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Welding rods

These profiles are necessary to weld the joints in PVC, rubber and linoleum floors and coatings, in order to have uniform, easier to clean surfaces.

Stair nosing and corner profiles

Flexible PVC used to make steps safer, to protect corners and to add an aesthetical finishing.

Skirting boards

Flexible PVC skirting boards useful in the protection of walls. Moreover, they can be used to decorate and correct imperfections coming from laying floors and walls.

Weldable skirting boards

These skirting boards in flexible PVC are designed to create continuity between floor and skirting board, though the use of specific welding rods. This method creates a sort of “tank”, which guarantees easier cleaning.

Finishing profiles

Flexible PVC profiles designed for finishing, decorating, sealing and protecting floors and coating after laying procedures.

Special profiles

Flexible PVC profiles designed for helping in laying floors and coating in particular situations.

Rigid profiles

Skirting rigid foam pvc complete with internal and external corners to be used for decorative purposes and for easier cleaning of the floor.





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